From the initial investigation stage to the trial process, by utilizing the knowledge, know-how, and human network accumulated through abundant practical experience, the Team has excellent and preemptive coping capabilities to provide the best legal services(response to investigations, and criminal trials) that meet the diverse needs of our clients.
Construction Team provides clients with comprehensive legal services based on a systematic understanding of complex facts and expertise in related laws and regulations, accurately grasps legal issues and draws the best results.
Family Law Team can help you with marriage cases such as divorce, invalidation of marriage, custody, child support.
Tax Team is led by lawyers, accountants and tax professionals with the highest level of competency and work experience.
Insolvency and Restructuring Team provide comprehensive legal services, from the reporting of rehabilitation claims to the approval of the rehabilitation plan.
▶ Overseas Korean F-4 visa issuance
▶ Employment on Visit (H-2)
▶ Permanent Residency (F-5)
▶ Administrative Trial / Litigation (ex. Trial against cancellation of visa issuance)
▶ Foreigner Lawsuit (ex. Compensation for damages, labor, traffic accidents, etc.)
▶ Police Investigation & Criminal Trial (ex. drugs, sex offences, assaults, traffic accidents, etc.)
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